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Kate Lowe 


woodborough hill, 80 x 60cm, acrylic and mixed media on canvas 

After a foundation course at Wimbledon School of Art, Kate graduated with a degree in Fine Art Painting from the University of the West of England in 2000. She began her career in Graphic Design and Advertising. Later returning to her first love of painting, taking part in a number of collaborative and solo exhibitions in London, East Anglia and all over the UK. Kate has also exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair both at home and abroad.


Pattern and colour play an important role in Kate’s paintings with decorative repeats often being present in her work. She works intuitively with colour and paints in response to the beautiful landscapes that surround her be it in East Anglia, Cornwall or the Dales. She invites the viewer to enjoy and celebrate the colour and line. She uses oil paint combined with chalk, oil pastel, emulsion and acrylic paint on canvas and board. 


She paints and illustrates in her studio, which changes location frequently as she travels with her Forces husband and young family. Giving Kate new inspiration and keeping her work fresh and exciting wherever she maybe.

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